Digital signage screens
A superior waiting experience, on display. Give your visitors
peace of mind by informing and guiding them via screens.
  • Achieve full visitors` visibility
  • Turn waiting time into advertising opportunity
  • Show respect, by showing their names not their numbers
  • Provide a clear queuing system & expected waiting time
  • Entertaining your visitors through RSS feed, General info,
    Ads & other entertaining content
  • Eliminate confusion in waiting area & reduce Walkaways
  • SMSs management system
    Manage visitors, target, re-target & follow-ups Via SMSs messaging.
  • Greet your visitors after check-up
  • Notify visitors about their next visits
  • Target, re-target visitors with customized branded SMSs
  • Notify visitors about needed check-up/ Exams
  • Build rapport with visitors built on trust & care
  • Get relevant visitors feedback
  • Service software/App
    A simple yet powerful App for business owners to track visitors
    flow and enhance visitor experience
  • Get powerful toolkit to deal with walk-ins
  • Prepare for each visit thanks to visitors insight
  • Speed up the service flow
  • Track total number of visits
  • Accurate income calculation
  • Visitor analytics
    Drive visitor excellence through precise dashboard analytics.
  • Get real-time data from service lines and locations
  • Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior
  • Identify and eliminate service bottlenecks
  • Measure and improve your staff’s productivity
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    Why Sotech?

    Minimized crowding

    Keep your waiting lobbies empty Engage your customers ona See the whole picture in and inform customers remotely as to personal level. Anticipate their real-time. From workload to what their current queue status is.

    Upgraded experience

    Engage your customers on a personal level. Anticipate their needs and build trust from the start.

    Data-backed decisions

    See the whole picture in real-time. From workload to staffing, make smarter business decisions with the metrics we gather.

    SoTech helps you to

    Fewer walkaways

    Shorter wait times

    Fewer customer complaints